Last February I spent hours melting broken crayons into LEGO man molds, packing them into tiny cellophane bags, and tying each with a note with some cheeky LEGO-Valentine-mashup message. I even printed those messages three different times to get the design just right. And then it took 2.7 seconds for my toddler to snap the head, arms, and legs off of his and burst into tears. Not to mention the crayon residue on the molds somehow got into my dishwasher and coated all of my Tupperware with crayon wax for the next 3 months. They were cute, sure, but with two kids now I can barely muster the energy to pour my after-bedtime glass of wine, let alone forego it and melt and package 36 crayon LEGO men. But still, doesn’t everyone aspire to send in a classroom gift that your little one can proudly bestow upon his friends?! And in less than 15 minutes?! And for less than $20?! Well then, I’ve got your kind of crafts. Check out my favorite EASY DIY classroom valentines! All are a simple way to jazz up a store-bought toy or treat, the printables are free, and each can be arranged in less time than it takes to watch the latest episode of Game of Thrones. Click the links to get the materials!

Love is a Battlefield: Pat Benatar optional.


You’re my Main Squeeze: It’s fun because it’s in a pouch.

You Make My Heart Glow: Anyone remember keeping glow sticks in the freezer as a kid? Pretty sure that didn’t do anything.

Have a Super Valentine’s Day: Any excuse for toddlers to be super heros.

I’m Beary Happy You’re in my Class: Awwwww.

All That and a Bag of Chips: Easiest one yet!

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