Kiwi Crate is subscription box for children ages 3-8. It arrives every month with all the materials and instructions needed to complete 2-3 crafts centered around a theme! There are also additional learning materials included about the chosen topic.

Cost: $19.99/month, or less if you subscribe.

Coupon: Get $10 off your first box when you sign up via this link!

How it Works: When you sign up, you can choose the age of your child so that Kiwi Crate sends you an age-appropriate box. You can also choose multiple boxes for multiple children, and each will be personalized to their age.

We have been doing Kiwi Crate for 3 months now, so I thought it was high time to add a review. My toddler LOVES getting his “special delivery” in the mail each month, and then we typically hold onto the boxes until we have an “inside day” and need something new to play with. Kiwi Crate included 3 crafts this month, and I have to say, this was one of the best boxes we’ve gotten! Because some of the crafts had a few steps (ie: allowing the clay snowman to dry and freezing the “paint pops”), it really extended the fun all day. We started the crafts in the morning, and finished them up after nap.

Toddler can’t wait to get into his “Special Delivery!”

Included instructions and educational materials.

The included instructions pamphlet

You can the box is stuffed with products! It is really well packaged, and all of the materials included are very high-quality. Thick cardboard, reusable stickers, bright colors…

Entire contents of the Kiwi Crate

First, we started with the Snowman Snow Globe.

Snowman Snow Globe instructions and photo of finished product.

This craft involved making a snowman with air-dry lightweight clay, decorating it with the included cardboard and foam pieces, and placing inside a plastic tube after drying. Tissue-paper confetti added to the tube provided the “snow.” Overall, a fun, easy, cute craft! It was definitely age-appropriate and required little help from Mom. The hardest part of this one was waiting for the snowman to dry before adding the confetti!

Rolling our clay for the Snowman Snowglobe.

Letting our snowman dry so we can put him in the plastic tube with confetti and complete our snow globe.

Our next activity was painting postcards with freezer paint pops!

Freezer Pop Paints instructions

First, we mixed the paint in the provided freezer trays. (It was a just-add-water powder paint.)

Mixing up the “paint pops” in the provided freezer trays.

They had to freeze for a few hours, so we stuck them in the fridge and moved onto the Penguin Bowling kit, but here’s a picture from after nap–freezer paint pops were ready to go! The kit included some cardboard postcards to paint on, and I have to say the paint had a neat chalk effect that was pretty unique. They also provided a “mess mat” in the kit so no need to dig up old newsprint!

After nap, the pops were frozen and we could get to painting!

Finally, Penguin Bowling!

Penguin Bowling instructions

The kit included these laminated cardboard penguins as well as reusable stickers and a dry-erase marker, so you can decorate the penguins how you like, over and over! After they are decorated, you add a curved cardboard “foot” so that they rock and little when standing up.

The kit includes reusable stickers and a dry-erase marker to decorate the penguins as many times as you like.

We are having a hard time keeping the included “bowling ball” away from the dog, so it didn’t make it into the pictures, but, rest assured it is there! We had fun setting the penguins up and knocking them down over…and over…and over… Somehow the toddler always wins, though…

Our Penguin Bowling Pins all ready to go!

All in all, Kiwi Crate is a really great subscription to be part of each month. I loving having a “new” toy I can pull out when my kiddo needs a “re-direct.” The crafts are age-appropriate and take the right amount to time to complete (not to long, not to short) so they keep their attention. Even at the full price of $19.99/month I think the kits are a great value, and the included equipment is of good quality.¬†Try it out yourself, and save $10!