As part of several stroller and mommy groups, I know how hard it is for almost every family to find the stroller that is right for them. It is such a big decision! I don’t know if husbands and dads completely understand the baby gear obsession, but I know my fellow moms do. Because whether you work in the workplace or at home, there are times you have to drag your littles out and about with you, whether for business or pleasure. And having the right gear can make all the difference when it comes to adventures! The right stroller means freedom. The right diaper bag means a place for everything, and everything in its place. (And a happy baby with a full belly of snacks and bag full of toys.) The right snack cups means you don’t end up with ground-up-Cheerio dust in the bottom of your bag (or just less Cheerio dust, hopefully). So, in that light, I have decided to do a few posts comparing my favorite gear for you, with lots of pictures and maybe a little bit of insight, too!

Now, these strollers are expensive. This blog is primarily dedicated to finding deals and spending your money wisely…so if I can help you make the right stroller choice, even if it is a nice chunk of change, I think we’ve met the objective of the site! And I may have some tips at the very end of this article to help you find a deal on these strollers! And so, today’s post…Uppababy Vista (2015/16 version) versus Bugaboo Buffalo!

Uppababy and Bugaboo are the two most popular luxury stroller brands on the market today, and many families struggle over which is right for them. Many families also live in towns where they cannot check out these strollers in person, so they rely on blogs, videos, and forums to try to determine what is right for them. We fall into this category, and so I have bought and sold many strollers over the past few years in order to try them out with my kids and our lifestyle. I currently happen to have two very similar strollers in my possession (albeit temporarily!), so I wanted to do a special pictorial for you. The Uppababy Vista (2015/16 version) and Bugaboo Buffalo have many similar features, except for one large difference–the Vista can be a tandem double by attaching a rumble seat, which the Buffalo can only be a single stroller. (Both do, however, have the ability to take a rider board for an older child). This review looks at the Vista as a single *only* since many parents do use the Vista that way. The goal of my review is really to compare the two strollers. There are MANY reviews of each stroller individually out in cyberspace! I am certain anyone kind find reviews on each stroller individually. What I am hoping to achieve is to show you the differences (particularly in size and fold) between the two so that you can choose what is right for you.

First, let’s look at some basic tech specs. You can see the weights and sizes are quite similar for the two strollers. They also both come with bassinets. They both can be travel systems with adapters. They both have LARGE sunshades. Both are marketed as “all-terrain,” and I personally think they perform similarly. We aren’t here to talk about those things! Lets look at the overall sizes of the strollers. And now for some pictures! A LOT of pictures!

Buffalo vs Vista: Similar footprint but the buffalo is slightly smaller.

Nice high seat (table height) for each stroller!


Each stroller can recline completely flat for naptime!

Both strollers have reversible seats so that they can be parent-facing. Special thanks to Lux & Leather for the custom handlebar/belly bar grips, and Baby Jaz for the gorgeous liner!

Overall Size: You can see the foot print of each stroller is similar, but I do feel like the Buffalo is a bit smaller. They are both beasts though, and can obviously tackle anything you throw at them. I do feel that the Buffalo is sturdier, however. The Vista has more flex in the frame, and it does rattle a bit. The width of the Buffalo is a little less than the Vista, which can really come in handy in smaller places. At 24″, the Buffalo is actually the same width as the City Mini, a popular lightweight stroller!

Buffalo width is a few inches less than Vista width, though this picture is deceptive! I think it’s the angle…

On to the fold. Here, the Vista wins, hands-down. The Vista fold is slimmer, especially when folded in one piece.

The Buffalo fold gets a little smaller if you remove the seat and just lay it inside the frame.

Because the Buffalo seat does not fold, it appears HUGE in comparison to the Vista! Note that the Buffalo can fold with the seat attached in either direction.

Both strollers can stand when folded, but the Buffalo needs to be angled out a bit so it gets wide.

Next, lets look at kiddo comfort inside the stroller. The Buffalo weight limit is 37.5lbs, which is about a 3-4 year old. The Vista can hold a 50lb kiddo! But frankly, your 50lb 6 year old will probably be too tall (umm, and too old?) to ride. My toddler (3 years 4 months at the time of these pictures) doesn’t ride much anymore, except for long outings like the zoo, but he is about 37lbs and 39 inches tall. You can see he will fit in each seat, but probably not for much longer. I do like the adjustable footrest of the Vista, however. It is also this adjustment that allows the Vista to fold so much smaller.

Buffalo: You can see he has a little less head room in the Buffalo, but better footrest space.


Vista: plenty of room under canopy, which can slide up the frame and make the functional seat height 19″-21″. The footrest is a little smaller than the Buffalo.

Canopies: Both strollers have HUGE sun canopies that extend all the way down to the belly bar. The Bugaboos do have “Breezy” sun canopies available, which are great for the summertime. But, surprise! You can put a Donkey or Buffalo Breezy Canopy on a Vista to achieve the same effect! To do this you will need to purchase the Donkey or Buffalo “Clamps and Wires” and a canopy. Once put together, you simply remove the Vista canopy and snap the Bugaboo one on in it’s place.

Zip out panel of the Buffalo makes the canopy HUGE! No peekaboo window though…

Pop out sunshade!

Buffalo Breezy with mesh panel extended over the feet.


Uppababy Vista retrofitted with the Donkey Breezy on Donkey Clamps & Wires. Fits perfectly!

Rider Boards: Both strollers can accept a rider board for an older child. This will run you another $100 or so. Both boards allow the child to stand INSIDE the handle bars, which is a huge advantage. This makes it most comfortable to walk with a child on the board, and it eliminates a common problem of them hitting their head/mouth on the handlebar if they are outside of it (a common problem with Baby Jogger strollers/boards). The Bugaboo Comfort Wheeled Board has a great little seat (which easily detaches by pushing that white button), and is deviated off the to right or left depending on how you install it. This board can be compatible with all Bugaboo strollers, but requires a separate adaptor to do so. The Uppababy Piggyback also rides nicely (but it does not have a seat). There is one version for 2014 and older strollers, and a separate version for 2015+. They both flip up and out the way when not in use. I do think that both strollers are easy to push with the rider board. However, the child using the Bugaboo rider board does have more room in front of him; the Uppababy one can be a tad cramped when you recline the seat.

The Bugaboo Comfort Wheeled Board has an awesome little seat for the child! It is also deviated a bit to the right (or left, if you choose to install it that way!) to make it even easier to walk next to.

One advantage to the Buffalo is 2-wheeled mode, which is nice for sand or snow.

Shh, this is a pic of the Donkey but it still gives you the idea!

Basket size is fairly comparable on both, but the Vista wins this department too! Both will keep you satisfied for shopping, beach-trekking, picnicking, or otherwise schlepping.

Overall, I don’t think you can really go wrong with either stroller. You simply need to look at your priorities. Fold? Option for a double? Two wheel mode for beach-going? Price? These strollers are expensive. The Buffalo, however, is a good deal more. This is worsened by the fact that the Bugaboo stroller components are all sold separately. That means that the canopies are customizable, but will add to the price. (You can also add a breezy canopy to each, see above). If you are interested in these strollers, you probably already know all that. They are both brands that also do not typically go on sale. But sometimes you can find a deal!

Amazon Warehouse is a great place to look for Bugaboo and Uppababy products! Often items are sold as Open Box customer returns, and can be nicely discounted. Ebay can also have some good finds on new or used strollers. Often Saks will have sales that include Uppababy and Bugaboo, and keep an eye on Ebates cash back to make it even more of a deal. And finally, when new models come out, the old ones are often clearanced at retailers.

I hope this pictorial helps you decide between these two strollers! And when you decide, I hope you can find a good deal! If you are interested in the best deals on baby/kids products, clothes, home goods, and even groceries, join our private Facebook group for more deals every day!