You probably own Legos, Duplos, maybe even some Tegu. But have you heard of Magna-Tiles and Magformers? Chances are, your toddler has already encountered Magna-Tiles or Magformers at daycare, school, the library, or another friend’s home. But have you, Mom or Dad, seen these things? I only wish I had found them sooner! We were lucky enough to be gifted a set by a friend, and we haven’t looked at another block since.

What is so great about them? Well, they are flat, sturdy plastic, which is easy to clean and store. There are magnets around the edge, which allows them to stick to each other when building. These things are sturdy, easy to use, and hurt WAY less than a Lego when stepped upon. They clean up in a snap, literally!



We’ve built towers, houses, batcaves, and “hobstibles” (…hospitals, for those not fluent in Toddler…). They are great for ages 3 and up, since they are easy to hold and maneuver. Magformers are hollow in the middle, but work pretty much the same way. Personally, we are partial to Magna-Tiles in our house, but I think that’s because they are little easier for little hands to build big things with.


There is only ONE down side to these things: they are expensive. But that is where Deal Divas comes in! We can help you find the BEST deal on Magna-Tiles, Magformers, and some other brands that are very, very similar and just as much fun! (See: Picasso Tiles, Stick n Stack, and Playmags). Here are my pricing tips:

  1. You have found a GREAT deal on name-brand Magna-Tiles or Magformers when you are paying $1 or less per tile.
  2. While the name-brand tiles will be a little thicker and sturdier, other brands still work pretty well and are generally compatible with the name-brand tiles. The generic tiles can be as cheap as $0.50 per tile. We have Picasso Tiles mixed in with our Magna-Tiles, and while yes, you can tell the difference, I do think it is negligible and they work well together.

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*Note: The Target Pillowfort Industrial Kids Activity Table and chairs (which come in so many cool colors!) and Room Essentials Storage Cart (white or gray) work PERFECTLY to play and store your Magna-Tiles with! The metal table helps you make a sturdy base when building, and the storage cart fits nearly 200 pieces in one tray!