If your toddler is anything like mine, you’ve had this same experience.

  1. Toddler begs for snack.
  2. Mom hands toddler Nutri-Grain bar, granola bar, Fig Newton, or similar squishy bar-type food that spikes toddler’s blood sugar but is easier to just give him than fight over.
  3. Toddler insists on “opening” bar.
  4. Bar is crushed to fruit and grain paste.
  5. Toddler loses marbles because said bar is broken.

Ok, I can’t help you with that whole scenario. You are on your own. BUT, I can help you with #4 and on! We all know kids FREAK when their snack is broken. It’s like the brain just cannot compute that a broken cookie is the exact. same. thing. as as an intact cookie. And when, while digging in the bottom of your diaper bag, do you actually find a whole, intact, granola bar or cookie? Yeah, never. Enter the Sunglass Snack Container Mom Hack! This ain’t no Pinterest activity involving 24 locally sourced, organic items you totally “had around the house.” I guarantee you have an old hardshell eyeglass container around the house, and while it may contain your emergency back-up glasses with a prescription strength circa 2002, it can definitely be used here! Don’t have one around the house? No problem, try here or here or here.  Should we call this a craft? Sure, let’s call it a craft. Here is how to make a Sunglass Case Snack Container.

  1. Open sunglass/eyeglass hardshell case.
  2. Place snacks inside case.
  3. Close case.

The bars fit PERFECTLY inside a sunglass case, and remain paste-free for as long as they sit in the depths of your diaper bag. Pinterest THAT.

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