Uppababy makes some of the most ubiquitous luxury strollers around. When stroller shopping, many families wonder what the differences are between the Uppababy Cruz and the Uppababy Vista. This happens a lot because they are very similar strollers! They are also both awesome strollers, so you really can’t go wrong. I’m hoping to highlight some of the key differences here, so that you can decide which of these strollers is right for your family.

Many features are the same between the two strollers.

The first major difference between the two strollers is that the Vista can convert into a tandem double stroller with the addition of a rumble seat, car seat, or bassinet on the appropriate adapters. I am not going to go into detail of the Vista as a double here, but just know that this is an excellent advantage if you are having multiple children close in age. If your children are more than 2.5 years apart this style of double stroller may not suit your needs quite right, however that is a discussion for another day!

While it does function beautifully as a single stroller, the Uppababy Vista can become a tandem double stroller, too.

The Vista also comes standard with the Bassinet, which is approved for overnight sleeping. The Cruz does not come with the bassinet included, but it can be purchased separately.

The technical specifications of the two strollers can help you see what the differences in sizes and capabilities of the strollers are.





Let’s take a look at some side-by-side photos of the two strollers. You can see at a glance that the Vista is larger than the Cruz; this is necessary because it needs to support 2 kiddos sometimes! The seat appears larger on the Vista, however the differences per the official specs are negligible.

Vista (left) vs Cruz (right).

Basket Size: Uppababy strollers are known for their awesome baskets, and these strollers are no exception. Both baskets are HUGE but the Vista‘s is a little larger than the Cruz‘s because it extends out under the handlebar. Still, I can easily fit a week’s worth of groceries in either! And the strollers STILL push like a dream!

The Cruz (left) basket is a little smaller than the Vista (right) basket. Both however are HUGE!

Wheel Width and Size: You can see here that the Vista (tan handlebar) is a few inches wider than the Cruz (black handlebar) (thanks to Lux & Leather for the handmade custom grips!). The Vista also has much larger wheels, which make it better suited for terrain like grass and gravel. The Cruz performs excellently on flat surfaces, but has a harder push over grass or gravel. Both, however, will perform much better than an umbrella stroller with tiny wheels.

You can see the Vista (tan handlebar) is a little wider than the Cruz. Special thanks to Lux and Leather for the leather handlebar grips.

Fold: Somewhat surprisingly, the Vista has a slightly smaller fold than the Cruz, lengthwise, at least. The Cruz has a narrower, longer fold than the Vista, which is shorter but wider. The Vista is about 8lbs heavier than the Cruz, however, so it is much more difficult to hoist into the car. They both have a standing fold which is perfect for storage in the garage or putting aside in a restaurant.

The mechanics of the fold is the same for each stroller. The Vista, however, is slightly shorter than the Cruz, while the Cruz is narrower than the Vista.

You can see the Cruz is a bit longer when folded. Both have a nice standing fold.

Rider Board: The rider board structure is almost identical for each stroller. You would need to buy the appropriate board for each stroller, but they function the same way. They seem to be very comfortable for the rider, who stands inside of the handlebar, making it much easier to walk behind than other boards that stick out further. The child’s space is a little cramped if you try to recline the seat, but this is remedied by parent-facing your infant and lifting the footrest.

Push: This is the most subjection portion of any review! I find the push of both of these strollers to be excellent. The Vista may be a little smoother thanks to the large wheels, but because of its size it has a heavier feel. The Cruz is smaller and feels “zippier.” It works beautifully on flat surfaces or indoors, and thanks to its narrow profile (and generous basket) it is an excellent shopping stroller.

In summary, I really don’t think you can go wrong with either stroller. They are both excellent options. The Vista is more expensive, but can become a double and also includes a bassinet. The Cruz is less expensive but offers somewhat less features. If you look at your priorities you should be able to choose one of these strollers to fit your lifestyle. I use the Cruz as my “car stroller” thanks to its relatively lightweight status, narrow profile, smooth ride, convenient rider board, one-piece fold, reversible seat with adjustable footrest, giant sunshade, and large basket. The Vista worked well for us as a double for a period of time, but I found it a bit heavy for my needs once my toddler outgrew it.

Both strollers are more expensive than your average big-box brand, but offer way more features, nicer fabrics, and a much better push. Uppababy rarely goes on sale, but sometimes you can find a deal! Amazon Warehouse is a great place to look for Uppababy products! Often items are sold as Open Box customer returns, and can be nicely discounted. Ebay can also have some good finds on new or used strollers. Often Saks will have sales that include Uppababy, and keep an eye on Ebates cash back to make it even more of a deal. And finally, when new models come out, the old ones are often clearanced at retailers.

I hope this pictorial helps you decide between these two strollers! And when you decide, I hope you can find a good deal! If you are interested in the best deals on baby/kids products, clothes, home goods, and even groceries, join our private Facebook group for more deals every day!