In addition to a deal nut, I am a stroller nut. I love baby gear, but my heart truly belongs to strollers. Single strollers, double strollers, jump seats, rider boards, you name the stroller, I will have an opinion! But wagons…hmmmm…wagons had not EVER entered my stroller-obsessed mind. But then, along came the Keenz 7S

Compact Fold!

The mesh shoe storage under the storage basket is pure genius for sandy or muddy shoes.

Check out the slim fold!




Keenz is a wagon that is also a JPMA-certified stroller. That’s right! Not only can you haul ALL. THE. THINGS in this 110lb capacity wagon, but it also has TWO 5-point harnesses inside! But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. First, let just gaze upon the beauty that is the Keenz Stroller Wagon. First, it is built of solid aluminum construction and high-quality fabric, but only weighs 28lbs! It has two vegan-leather wrapped adjustable handles to push or pull, built in locking straps, and 5 point harness straps to secure your children. It also includes a collapsible storage basket with mesh shoe storage underneath (!), and matching cupholder and cooler. But that sounds huge and heavy, no? Well check out that slim fold! This thing is smaller than most SINGLE strollers when folded, let alone doubles!

Now, despite the padded bottom, I wanted to add something a little extra. I also knew with hauling kids and gear, I would want to go to some dirty places. Enter, the IKEA Hemmahos bench pad! For just over $10 I grabbed this pad and cut a few slits in it to allow the bottom straps to enter. Now I have an easy to clean, removable, padded liner for very little cost.

I purchased the IKEA Hemmahos bench mat and cut some slits in the bottom to make a cheap, easy-to-wash liner to keep my Keenz clean!


For our maiden voyage, we took the Keenz to the playground. While the original wheels are smooth as butter on grass, mulch, and uneven terrain, we took the opportunity to try out our optional beach wheels. Now we can really go ANYWHERE. The wheels are quick-release and easy to remove and clean, they are rubber never-flat tires, and the all-wheel suspension makes the ride SO smooth, even when weighed down with all that baby meat and gear! There is a one-touch linked rear break with fixed rear wheels, and the front wheels swivel but can be locked straight for rougher terrain. Overall, I find the Keenz easy to push one-handed, and just as easy if not easier to push than a City Select, at a smaller size than the City Select in doubles mode! It is just as narrow as a single stroller, but not as long as a double City Select.

Check out those killer beach wheels! And that awesome sunshade!

My 1 year old is safe and secure in the padded straps.
















My favorite feature was apparent after this excursion–the sun canopy! Oh man, it is awesome. It provides full coverage when up, but can also be rolled back to expose mesh when the clouds come out! There are even drop-down shades on the side to protect from wind, rain, and sun. But what about when you don’t need the canopy or want to fold the stroller up? Not only are the canopy posts completely retractable (the drop right down into the stroller frame), the canopy itself folds up into a tiny package and fits into its own bag. Such incredible planning by the developers!

So, when one has a 110lb capacity stroller wagon with huge sun canopy, huge beach wheels, and a small enough fold to easily fit in the back of any car, where does one go? Why, the beach, of course!


Keenz all at the beach!

Sleeping baby approved!










So, how did it do? Well, the beach wheels are awesome on packed sand. I did have the pull the wagon through deep sand, but I am a petite 5’2″ mom and had no problem doing this by myself, every day, for a week. It wasn’t easy, but it was definitely doable. I tricked it out with a stroller console, stroller hooks, stroller fan, side-saddle cooler, and snack pod, in addition to my previously-mentioned Hemmahos liner, and my kiddo was king of the beach! He ate his lunch and napped in privacy, and loved every second. And I was able to bring kiddo, towels, toys, cooler, and more in the wagon. You can even hang beach chairs on the handle bar!

So, what if you don’t take many beach or big park trips? Well, the Keenz is the same width and length as the average single stroller, and is super easy to maneuver. You could definitely use this for shopping trips, zoo days, play dates, walks around the neighborhood, and any time you need to bring kids and gear with you. I would definitely consider it for families of any size or age.


Potential pitfalls? If you have more than 1 kiddo that might want to sleep while you are out, that is not as easy to do with a wagon over a stroller. Also, I would only use this for older kids that are comfy sitting up. Also, while pulling on the beach was doable, don’t expect a smooth-as-butter push through deep sand (but no stroller can do deep sand either!). Overall there are WAY more positives than negatives on this bad boy.


The Keenz 7S Stroller Wagon can be purchased on Amazon, stroller retailers such as Target and Albee Baby, or direct from Keenz. When choosing where to purchase, make sure you consider any coupon codes and tax. A great deal is Albee Baby, where there is always  a coupon code of the month always available; it is the first 3 letters of the month followed by the number “20” for 20% off! (ie: July would be JUL20.) Albee Baby also offers free shipping and no tax to most states.

You can also purchase a rain cover, wind cover, mosquito net, cupholder, cooler, and other accessories from these vendors. Happy strolling, and happy deal hunting!